Who Am I?

As a person

I'm a young intellectual guy. Businessman and half engineer that loves to understand life and experience it without any shortcomings. I like meeting new people that share my same interests (or not) and that are in control of their career and personal life.

As a businessman

I'm the Manging Director/COO at Coddict, a digital marketing agency specialized in high-traffic websites. I love business and love to seek unique opportunities to grow as well as build relationships with potential business partners.

As an ex-student

I took computer engineering courses for 3 years at École Polytechnique de Montreal before completing my Business Technology Management degree at John Molson School of Business.

As a movie lover

I love movies, specially action movies or thrillers. I nearly see all good movies that come out, and on their premiere of course. I like all the great work that is put behind each movie to make it what it is. I go to the movies close to 100 times a year.

As a food lover

I love to eat high quality, well cooked, fresh food. My best meals are steaks, sushi or chicken wings. I love to try the most special dishes at restaurants, and seek to go to the best niche restaurants for each single type of food.

As a technology geek

Technology and information systems are one of my oldest passions. I started working on computers ever since I was 2 years old, and haven't stopped since. Technology is definitely a part of me.

As a cigar smoker

I smoke cigars from time to time; It's a great hobby. You get to unwind and relax, while having great conversations with others and very often meeting interesting and special people.

As an observer & thinker

I love to observe everything around me and understand how things really work. I sometimes go very much into details, even though that might not be very useful, just to understand more on how things interact with each other in this world, in order to better predict the future. I think & observe too much they say.

As a friend

I try to be an honest and loyal friend. I love to share the best I know with my friends. If I ever have a great experience somewhere, I make sure to bring along friends the next time and insist they get that experience as well.