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On Anger - How to cure it

Jul 29 / 2018 Comments

Anger is a destructive emotion that only brings ruin and nothing good.

Below are many excerpts of the book "On Anger" written by Seneca two thousand years ago, to remind us of the need to work towards taming this emotion that can take over us if we don't pay attention to it.

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Get things done and gain Advanced Common Sense

Jul 23 / 2016 Comments

Most people I know live their lives in a constant "not under control" state. They do not know what will happen next, they have lots of commitments, desires and projects that keep getting delayed and they are unstatisfied with that. Yet, since they have lived their entire lives this way, they think unconciously that this is how it has to be.


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Taking Risks Is The Only Way To Fly In Life

Feb 02 / 2016 Comments

If you would observe most people you know, you would notice that statistically most of them are not risk takers. They cling into what they have and are afraid to take big risks. So why is that?...

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The Big Benefits Of Waking Up Early

Sep 09 / 2015 Comments

I consider waking up early to be one of the best strategies someone can do. To me it is equivalent of doubling up your days and productive hours. And by waking up early I don't mean not sleeping enough...obviously I mean sleeping early as well.

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DEFEAT Emotions & SOLVE Life Problems

Jul 02 / 2015 Comments

Warning: This is a long post; but one that must be read and was definitely worth writing. Enjoy, and no need to thank me, you deserve this.

Purpose of this post

Everyday I see people: relatives, friends and acquaintances suffer from problems and not knowing how to deal with them. They tell me that I am good at dealing with problems, and it is indeed one major role I play in my job.
I manage people and KILL PROBLEMS, make them disappear, just like that.

I am TIRED of seeing people suffer because of this and I would like to solve this problem for everyone: ONCE AND FOR ALL, the way all problems should always be solved.

I am not your psychiatrist or anything but facing issues like that is unpleasant, specially when you can deal with them...

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My Review Of The Apple Watch

May 25 / 2015 Comments

So I got the Apple Watch a week ago and have been using it extensively. So far i'm loving it and would like to give you my impressions and review about it for those of you who are interested to know more about it.

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Time is limited: "Focus" is your most important strategy

Oct 12 / 2014 Comments

24 hours. That's how much time you have each day. On average, 8 hours of that goes to sleep, leaving only 16 real hours for you to live everyday. 4 hours out of that are lost on daily repetitive tasks such as eating, commuting, showering etc... so only 12 hours are really left for you to make a living and have fun.

Opportunities & Multitasking: just an illusion

If you are good at what you do, whether you are a craftsman, technician, engineer, entrepreneur...

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Why Audiobooks are better than Books

Apr 29 / 2014 Comments

I listen to a lot of books. Around a book every week. The books I read are not paperbooks, but audiobooks that I listen to on my iPhone.

So what are audiobooks?

Audiobooks are a recorded version of your favorite books. A narrator, which might even be the original author themselves, will read the book to you, so you can easily...

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