Why Audiobooks are better than Books

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I listen to a lot of books. Around a book every week. The books I read are not paperbooks, but audiobooks that I listen to on my iPhone.

So what are audiobooks?

Audiobooks are a recorded version of your favorite books. A narrator, which might even be the original author themselves, will read the book to you, so you can easily enjoy listening to the book rather than having to put in effort to read it. Wherever you roam, the audiobook will come with you, from computers to smartphones, your audiobook goes where you go. I personally adore when authors read their own books because you can feel their passion while reading out what they've written themselves.

Today, people are leading busy lives. Running from work to school to the grocery store and any number of places in between. It seems as if there is little time to sit down, relax and read a book. Thankfully, audiobooks are making the process of enriching our brains easier than ever before, and they sure do enrich mine. If you aren’t sure what makes audiobooks so amazing, here's my take on it.

Listen to Them Wherever You Go

What makes audiobooks better than books is the fact that you can listen to them anytime and anywhere you choose. It doesn’t matter if you are in the car on your way to work in the morning, taking a jog in the park, riding on the bus or anywhere else you can think of. Your audiobook can go wherever you go. Instead of having to actually sit down and try to read your book, you can listen to it right in your headset wherever you roam. I actually plug in my iPhone in my car and listen to books sometimes when I drive, it's very convenient.

Start Listening Right Away

Audiobooks are better than reading because you can start listening to your book right away. You don’t have to wait for a company like Amazon.com to ship your book in the mail for you to start working your way through it, and you don't need to walk to a bookstore or library to get your copy. As soon as you make your purchase, you can begin listening right then and there. It happened to me many times that I just heard about a book that I knew I must have, and within less than 5 minutes I was already listening to it!

Save More of Your Money

Another great thing about audiobooks is that they are a lot cheaper than their printed counterparts are. While you might pay anywhere from $20 on up for a printed book, you can often pick up audiobooks for less than $10. Think about the savings that are going to come your way with each and every audiobook you purchase. By saving about half on every book you purchase, you can easily double your collection without having to break the bank along the way. For example, on Audible.com they sometimes offer daily deals on audiobooks; their price goes down to 0.99$ for a whole day, and that's what I call an amazing deal.

So in conclusion, are audiobooks perfect?

In most cases Yes! I adore audiobooks and love that someone (the narrator) spends time and energy to read the book to me, it feels more like someone sharing his secrets with me or talking to me, than me putting in effort to read something. The only times you might not be able to listen to your audiobooks perfectly is when you're in a very noisy place, but that's easily avoidable, making audiobooks my recommended method of reading!

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