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My Review Of The Apple Watch

May 25 / 2015 Comments

So I got the Apple Watch a week ago and have been using it extensively. So far i'm loving it and would like to give you my impressions and review about it for those of you who are interested to know more about it.

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My blog is now integrated with YO!

Jun 27 / 2014 Comments

During the past week, you might have heard about the new app "Yo" for iPhone and Android. Yo is creating a new way of communication, a zero-character based communication and it's catching fire like hell...

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Google Knows More About You Than You Think It Does!

May 10 / 2014 Comments

Everyday I'm surprised of talking to people and noticing that they don't clearly see that Google is simply the biggest internet marketing company today, so I decided to share with you some information about Google and how you can see what Google knows about you and how it classifies you and your interests. It has the biggest online reach, and its network is known as the Google Display Network.

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