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May 25 / 2015 Comments
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So I got the Apple Watch a week ago and have been using it extensively. So far i'm loving it and would like to give you my impressions and review about it for those of you who are interested to know more about it.

Battery Life

Before I bought the watch I was reading a lot about it online and most people were concerned with the battery life. After having used it for a week I can safely say that you should not worry. On my regular usage of it, it is lasting between 24-28 hours on a single charge, which is more than enough to get you through the day. Even if you let the battery go down to 0%, it reverts back to a "power reserve" mode that will keep it on for an extra 48 hours and limit the functionality to simple time display, reverting it back to a simple watch functionality; so you should never worry about not being able to tell time.

A Useful Notification Machine

You all know about the constant notification steam our phones sends us during the day. Whenever there's anything new it buzzes inside your pocket and cries to you "Come see, you must read this!", and it becomes so addictive. With the Apple Watch, all those notifications get transferred to your wrist instead of your phone, and it is much more convenient. How annoying is it to have to move your hand, insert it into your pocket, take out your phone and unlock it, to end up seeing that someone has liked a photo on Facebook.

Not all notifications deserve all that action, and that's where the Apple Watch shines. It takes nearly no action from your part to check and dismiss a notification: You just look at your wrist and there it is. If it happens to be something unimportant you just dismiss it right away or don't give it further attention. If it's something that requires minimal action, like replying back with a short message, you can do so quickly. But only when it's something that requires serious attention that you have to pull out your phone to get to it. Thus the Apple Watch reduces the amount of times you pull out your phone from your pocket and makes it more convenient to do certain tasks.

For example, let's say you're relaxing on a couch somewhere quiet and you feel very relaxed. A friend calls you up to chat. Which of those two scenarios do you prefer: Get out of your comfortable position, take out your phone from your pocket, answer, stick it to your ear, and then hold that position to talk to him OR looking at your wrist, pressing to answer while keeping your same position, and just talk while staying relaxed? Of course the second option, and it's only possible with the Apple Watch.

Touch And Feel

I felt no inconvenience wearing the Apple Watch. First of all it is so light that you do not feel its weight on your arm; it is also very firm and not slippery. Even when the arm becomes sweaty, it does not have any negative effect on the wristband.

iPhone Remote Control

The Apple Watch also acts like a remote control to your iPhone. You can pull up the music app on it for instance and play your favorite song on your iPhone and control the volume. You can light up the camera on the iPhone and take a picture using your Apple Watch. You can read your e-mails, messages, tweets, instagram posts. Being able to perform many of those tasks without touching your phone makes you feel more connected to the phone.


The lovely Siri is ready to serve you at any moment's notice. No need to press or do anything; just look at the watch and shout "Hey Siri, how's the weather looking tomorrow?" And you'll get the answer right away. Or "Hey Siri, text my brother, tell him i'm coming home" and it will be done right away. It's nice to be able to do all this without having to even press a button or make a move.

Water Resistant

The Apple Watch is water resistant. Do you know how great that is? You can be swimming in the pool and take a phone call or view your notifications as they are coming by. You can be having a shower and control the music that's playing on your iPhone. Water is no longer a problem for music and phone calls.


In conclusion I think Apple did a great job in bringing us forward this product. It's surely a product that will change the way we use technology once more. If you have an iPhone I would surely recommend that you buy one, it will make your life easier.

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