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Apr 26 / 2014 Comments
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Hey there!

So there you are, finally on my blog and personal website. I've been wanting to have a blog and an online presence for several years now but never got around to actually making it happen, until now. It is actually quite ironic given the fact that I spent a big part of my career so far creating websites or online presences for other people or clients.

Let me quickly tell you what you can expect on and what my goal is in doing this.

What kind of posts will you will find on my blog?

  • Posts about what I think about in everyday life
  • Useful and interesting things I find or know
  • Posts about subjects that interest me and my take on them

So what can you do on my website?

  • Read my posts in the blog section (you can also filter them by tag)
  • Comment on my posts either to start a discussion or to give feedback
  • Share the posts you find interesting with your friends
  • Search my posts using the search box in the top-right corner
  • Read about me in the About page
  • Get in touch with me through the Contact page
  • Plan a meeting over a cup of coffee at Starbucks through the Coffee page
  • Chat with me live when I'm online (you'll see a chatbox in the bottom-right corner)

And what are the reasons I'm running this blog?

  1. Share the interesting stuff I discover
  2. Meet and talk with interesting people
  3. Have a written archive of my thoughts
  4. Make it easy for anyone to contact me

I'll make sure to write new and hopefully interesting posts regularly, so I can't wait for the great discussions we're going to have here on and nice to meet you!

This was my first post and hopefully the beginning of something great. You can support me by sharing the interesting things you will find on my blog in the future.

Thank you

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