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Hey there,

So I decided to become an author and write my first book "The Internet Is Broken" which will be published as an eBook on and the Amazon Kindle Library.

The book takes my knowledge and experience of the Internet as a web expert, specifically about things that most people do not know about the Internet and presents it in a structured way for anyone to read and learn about.

Sneak peek, the main quote of the book is:

"The Internet Is Mine, And It's Broken...And I'm not fixing it."

Freddy Haddad

The series will have three volumes:

  • The BlackHat Way: The Internet is full blackhat people who want to benefit from you indirectly but leave you damaged silently. In this volume I will expose some of their popular methods.
    The BlackHat Way is now released, you can check it out here.
  • Beware The Man In The Middle: The Internet is full of bad people and hackers who want to benefit from you and damage you directly. In this volume I will show you how they do it so that you can protect yourself from them.
  • The Unraveling Of Unreality: The Internet is full of liars, cheats and charlatans who want one thing: Your Attention. They spread lies and fake stories to create what we call "Unreality". In this volume I will show you the ways in which they operate and how to not be deceived by their activity.

Though before writing and publishing those volumes I need your help. Each volume requires dedication and effort for it to come to life: I need your help in determining which volume you prefer to read first, so I know which one I should focus on publishing first.

Please let me know in the comment section below, which one of those 3 you prefer to read first.

Thanks and I hope you'll enjoy them,

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