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As you may already know I'm writing my first book called "The Internet is Broken: The BlackHat Way". Right now I'm designing the cover of the book and have many concepts ready. I would like you to take a look at the concepts and vote in the comments section of this article to let me know which cover you prefer.

Concept #1

BlackHat people hide their true ways and solve problems that are in reality caused by them, even though they try to seem clean and innocent.
The white paper looks clean from the outside. When you rip it, you find out the darkness under it where the BlackHat way is hidden. This represents the behavior of BlackHat people.
The ripped paper can also represent "The Internet Is Broken" concept.

Concept #2

The broken background is showing that there’s something wrong. The broken pieces are all forming a picture of a man hiding his face and represents the concept of "The Internet Is Broken".
So this is definetly showing a mystery that you must discover.

Concept #3

The BlackHat way is represented in a mysterious visual that makes you read the title gradually so you understand it and understand the visual after contemplating it.
A touch of red gives it more of an alert feel, like something dangerous is happening.

Concept #4

This dark black spirit shown in this direction is one of the most elements that is dominant and embodies the identity of the BlackHat people.
The black color, the black hat, the person and the hidden face. Everything related to the concept are in this visual.

Concept #5

The shape of the man with a hat is painted in black. The white paint on top of it is leaking like it was covering the whole face and now it’s gone.
This represents that he was hiding his black side by using white paint that is fading away.
The red color is used to characterise the unethical way used by these kinds of people.
The beige background gives the cover more like a sketchy feel, because it looks like it’s painted on a rough paper.

Please vote by writing which concept you preferred most in the comment section below.

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