The Internet Is Broken - My Upcoming Book

Apr 03 / 2015 Comments

Hey there,

So I decided to become an author and I'm currently writing my first book "The Internet Is Broken" which will be published as an eBook on and the Amazon Kindle...

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Time is limited: "Focus" is your most important strategy

Oct 12 / 2014 Comments

24 hours. That's how much time you have each day. On average, 8 hours of that goes to sleep, leaving only 16 real hours for you to live everyday. 4 hours out of that are lost on daily repetitive tasks such as eating, commuting, showering etc... so only 12 hours are really left for you to make a living and have fun.

Opportunities & Multitasking: just an illusion

If you are good at what you do, whether you are a craftsman, technician, engineer, entrepreneur...

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My blog is now integrated with YO!

Jun 27 / 2014 Comments

During the past week, you might have heard about the new app "Yo" for iPhone and Android. Yo is creating a new way of communication, a zero-character based communication and it's catching fire like hell...

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Overcoming your obstacles with your mind using the Stoic philosophy

Jun 22 / 2014 Comments

For the last couple of weeks I've been diving into the Stoic philosophy and learning how it can be applied to help me get to my goals. It is a great philosophy and I wish I had encountered it before. But first let me clear up misconceptions about what philosophy is...

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Google Knows More About You Than You Think It Does!

May 10 / 2014 Comments

Everyday I'm surprised of talking to people and noticing that they don't clearly see that Google is simply the biggest internet marketing company today, so I decided to share with you some information about Google and how you can see what Google knows about you and how it classifies you and your interests. It has the biggest online reach, and its network is known as the Google Display Network.

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Why Audiobooks are better than Books

Apr 29 / 2014 Comments

I listen to a lot of books. Around a book every week. The books I read are not paperbooks, but audiobooks that I listen to on my iPhone.

So what are audiobooks?

Audiobooks are a recorded version of your favorite books. A narrator, which might even be the original author themselves, will read the book to you, so you can easily...

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How to meet the Montreal Canadiens, or just see them practice

Apr 27 / 2014 Comments

Ever wanted to meet the habs players personally, have them sign your jerseys and take a picture with you? Want to watch them practice?

It's a fun activity to do if you're an avid hockey fan like me, and I'm surprised most people don't know how to do it so I'm simply going to share it with you.

Practice time!

All professional sports teams hold team practices several times a week, and our Montreal Canadiens are no different. You probably already know...

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And my blog is finally online!

Apr 26 / 2014 Comments

Hey there!

So there you are, finally on my blog and personal website. I've been wanting to have a blog and an online presence for several years now but never got around to actually making it happen, until now. It is actually quite ironic given the fact that I spent a big part of my career so far creating websites or online presences for other people or clients.

Let me quickly tell you what you can expect on and what my goal is in doing this...

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